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    Terms of delivery
    DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)

    The packaging remains of Carl Zeiss S.p.A.’s property. The Company reserves the right to recover the packaging at its own expense

    Delivery by 90 days from the receipt of the order

    22% NOT INCLUDED in the quotation, at your expenses

    Offer validity
    60 days

    12 months from the test date (spare parts excluded)
    In the event of technical intervention during the warranty period, the Supplier will have the right to decide whether to perform the intervention at the installation site or to request the sending of the tool in order to repair it at our premises.

    The buyer must be aware of the Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001. 231 (“Decree") contents and to share the code of conduct, rules and provisions of the Code of Ethics adopted by the Company according to the Decree. The violation of the Code represents a serious breach of the obligations assumed with the acceptance of the offer and / or the order dispatch and legitimize the Company to terminate the Contract with immediate effect, pursuant to Article 1456 Cod. Civ., without prejudice to compensation for any damage caused by the Buyer to the Company. Link to download the code of ethics: http://www.zeiss.it/content/dam/Corporate/it/download/PDF/Codice_Etico_R01.pdf

    The Manufacturer reserves the right to vary technical characteristics and catalog numbers in the context of the scientific technical development. Warranty validity, correspondence to the safety regulations and perfect functioning of the instrumentation are assured by Carl Zeiss Spa only in case of intervention carried out by authorized technical personnel. Carl Zeiss S.p.A., therefore, assumes no responsibility for damages or malfunction caused by the use of non-original spare parts or interventions carried out by unauthorized personnel. The instrument must be installed in a suitable environment so that it can be used correctly. Carl Zeiss S.p.A. therefore, assumes no responsibility for damages or malfunctions caused by the use of the instrument in an unsuitable environment.