Upright microscopes

  • Primo Star
    Primo Star
    Primo Star is your compact upright microscope for education and laboratory routine
  • Axio Lab.A1
    Axio Lab.A1
    Axio Lab.A1 for education and laboratory diagnostics and materials
  • Primotech
    Primotech is a compact manual material microscope
  • Axiolab 5
    Axiolab 5
  • Axio Scope
    Axio Scope
    Take advantage of the extraordinary flexibility of this manual microscope for routine examinations
  • Axioscope 5/7
    Axioscope 5/7
    Your microscope for research and routine in the materials laboratory
  • Axio Imager 2
    Axio Imager 2
    Axio Imager 2 for life science research, advanced materials research, large samples and polarized light.
  • Axio Examiner
    Axio Examiner
    Axio Examiner - Benefit from easy access to your sample and ample room for micromanipulation.