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Upright microscopes

  • Primostar 1
    Primostar 1
    Your affordable microscope for education and teaching. Primo Star 1 focuses on the essentials: robust, easy-to-use, quality optics and above all, affordable. This teaching microscope with fixed-Köhler illumination is optimized for brightfield contrast of stained samples.
  • Primostar 3
    Primostar 3
    Your robust, yet compact microscope for digital teaching and routine lab work. Primostar 3 is your robust, reliable microscope, that will pay back your investment with smooth operation even after years. Yet this robust light microscope is also designed for maximum ease of use. For both productive learning in the classroom and efficient lab work, students and staff alike will be free from the very beginning to focus on the essentials.
  • Axiolab 5
    Axiolab 5
  • Axioscope 5/7
    Axioscope 5/7
    Your microscope for research and routine in the materials laboratory
  • Axio Imager 2
    Axio Imager 2
    Axio Imager 2 for life science research, advanced materials research, large samples and polarized light.
  • Axio Examiner
    Axio Examiner
    Axio Examiner - Benefit from easy access to your sample and ample room for micromanipulation.