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    Objective W

    Objective W "Plan-Apochromat" 20x/1.0 DIC M27 70mm

    Item no.: 421452-9900-000

    Objective W Plan-Apochromat 20x/1,0 DIC M27 70mm parfocal length 70mm (FWD=1.8mm), (UV) VIS-IR

    Full Description

    Due to its large parfocal length this objective can be used with the microscopes "Axioskop 2 FS special" and "Axio Examiner.A1" (here with restriction) only .

    This objective is designed for dipping into physiologic salt solution.

    Magnification 20x
    Numerical Aperture 1.0
    Free Working Distance [mm] 1.8
    Coverglass Thickness [mm] 0
    Thread Type M27x0.75
    Immersion Water
    Field of View [mm] 20
    Parfocal Length [mm] 70.00
    Long Distance
    Correction Ring
    Optical System Infinity Color Corrected System (ICS)
    Color Correction
    Biomedical Applications
    Fluorescence Yes
    - Multichannel
    - Ultraviolet Transmission
    - Infra Red Transmission
    BrightField Yes
    Differential Interference Contrast
    High Contrast DIC
    Polarization-Optical DIC
    Phase Contrast
    VAREL Contrast
    Hoffman Modulation Contrast
    Polarization Contrast
    Materials (Reflected Light) Applications
    BrightField Yes
    Reflected Light DIC
    High Contrast DIC
    DIC with circular polarized light
    Total Interference Contrast
    Polarization Contrast
    Definite Focus.2
    Confocal Microscopy Yes
    - Ultra Violet
    - VIS (visible light)
    - NLO-IR / 2 Photon
    Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence
    • Immersion medium
      Immersion medium "Immersol" W 2010, oiler 20 ml
      Item no.: 444969-0000-000
    • Box of lens cleaning paper
      Box of lens cleaning paper
      Item no.: 462975-0000-000
    Mechanical Dimensions
    Transmittance curve
    W Plan-Apochromat

    As an addition to the water "Achroplan" objectives, the water "Plan-Apochromat" objectives have also become available. They are apochromatically corrected from VIS to IR and designed for use without cover slip. Compared with the water "Achroplan" 63x/0.9, the new water "Plan-Apochromat" 63x/1.0 yields 50-100% more light. Between 450 nm and 1000 nm, the typical transmission values of the water "Plan-Apochromat" are higher than 80%, and higher than 50% at 365 nm. The objectives feature a slim front with a 20 mm diameter and a 36° access angle to the object plane. The front consists of plastic material that was originally developed with the properties required for food technology. Therefore, these objectives are ideal for 2-photon microscopy, electrophysiology and patch clamp applications.

    Objective W Plan-Apochromat 20x/1,0 DIC M27 70mm parfocal length 70mm (FWD=1.8mm), (UV) VIS-IR