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Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 Var1

Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 Var1

Item no.: 000000-1020-863
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Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 Var1 (WD=4.4mm)

Full Description
Magnification 10x
Numerical Aperture 0.25
Free Working Distance [mm] 4.2
Coverglass Thickness [mm] 0.17
Thread Type W0.8x1/36"
Immersion Without Immersion
Field of View [mm] 23
Parfocal Length [mm] 45.06
Long Distance
Correction Ring
Optical System Infinity Color Corrected System (ICS)
Color Correction achromatic
Biomedical Applications
Fluorescence Yes
- Multichannel
- Ultraviolet Transmission
- Infra Red Transmission
BrightField Yes
DIC [Differential Interference Contrast]
High Contrast DIC
Phase Contrast Ph 1
VAREL Contrast Varel 1
Hoffman Modulation Contrast
Polarization Contrast
Materials (Reflected Light) Applications
Reflected Light DIC
High Contrast DIC
DIC with circular polarized light
Total Interference Contrast
Polarization Contrast
Definite Focus.2
Confocal Microscopy
- Ultra Violet
- VIS (visible light)
- NLO-IR / 2 Photon
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence
  • Adapter M 27x0.75 / W 0.8 H "0"
    Adapter M 27x0.75 / W 0.8 H "0"
    Item no.: 000000-1095-168
Mechanical Dimensions
Transmittance curve

This class of objectives provides an attractive alternative to Achroplan objectives, both in routine and research applications. A-Plan objectives provide rich contrast and can be used with eyepieces with a field of view up to 23 mm.They allow contrasting methods ranging from brightfield to phase contrast and for excitation wavelength within the visible spectrum they can be used for epifluorescence work.

Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 Var1 (WD=4.4mm)