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Your webshop for innovative microscopy solutions and accessories.

In the bio- and material sciences, for teaching and clinical routine, ZEISS, as one of the leading manufacturers in microscopy, offers inspiring solutions. ZEISS microscopes are used all over the world: in the high-tech industry, in manufacturing and assembly as well as in the processing and research of raw materials and in biomedical applications.

You can find the ideal solution for your tasks and applications from the range of light, digital and confocal microscopes. For your enquiries, the ZEISS Microscopy Webshop offers you direct contact to our service and sales departments.

ZEISS Upright Microscope Primostar 3

New Products

  • Axiovert 5  :  Axiovert 5

    Axiovert 5
  • Axiovert 5 digital  :  Axiovert 5 digital

    Axiovert 5 digital
  • Axiovert 7  :  Axiovert 7

    Axiovert 7