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    ZEN Data Storage Server
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    ZEN Data Storage Server

    Item no.: 410135-0031-320 (individual configuration)

    ZEN Data Storage Server Database for storage and multi-client access of documents on a centralized s...

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    ZEN Data Storage Server
    Item Number: 410135-0031-320 (individual configuration)
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    ZEN Data Storage Server Database for storage and multi-client access of documents on a centralized server. ZEN applications can connect to the server as clients to store and retrieve data. ZEN Data Storage provides a client-server database solution for microscopy customers who deal with the storage of large amounts of data originating from one or several microscopes. ZEN Data Storage allows the exchange of data and workflows and supports microscopists who want to separate image acquisition from post-acquisition work. In this way it also facilitates correlative workflows where the data of a sample can be accessed from a centralized location. The centralized ZEN Data Storage enables IT managers to ensure data security and backup availability. It allows to manage users and user rights within a laboratory or even across multiple sites. ZEN Data Storage drives efficiency in your lab because it provides a central database storage enabling online and offline data analysis, distributed storage and context specific browsing of your data. The package includes: ZEN Data Explorer - browser or app based client which allows access and viewing of the data stored on the ZEN Data Storage. ZEN Data Storage Uploader - upload tool which monitors a dropfolder and uploads and if needed converts the files to CZI. Supported files types CZI, ZVI, Leica LIF, Nikon ND2, Olympus TIF Main features: - Server database solution based on MS-SQL server - Scalable database architecture - Integration into existing server landscape possible - Multi-client concurrent access to data - Server based user and access management - Full archive integration for ZEN core including storage of documents and templates - Supported document formats: Job results, images, reports, data tables, Job templates, Report templates, Form templates, Analysis templates, Intellesis models, OAD macros - Optional: Compatible with ZEN Module GxP The price includes installation and setup of the ZEN Data Storage server and ZEN Data Storage clients via remote desktop sharing by ZEISS Service. Server hardware not included and must be purchased separately. System requirements (ZEN Data Storage Server): Memory: 16 GB (required), 32 GB (recommended) Processor: Quad-core@2GHz (required), Octa-core@2.4GHz (recommended) Storage: RAID1 or RAID6 recommended for data redundancy Operating system: Windows Server 2012 R2 with update (KB2919355) or higher SQL-Version (if existing): MS-SQL 2012 or higher Network: 1Gb/s (required), 10Gb/s (recommended) System requirements (ZEN Data Explorer): iOS Device: iPhone 6 or newer; Ipad Air 2 or newer (Mini versions not supported); iOS Version 12.4.1 or later Browser: Safari Android: Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T830) Android version: Android 8.1 or later Browser: Google Chrome 78.0.3904.108 or later Windows: Browser: Google Chrome 78.0.3904.108