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    Platform Change AxioVision PA to ZEN core TCA w. Axiocam 705 pol (D)

    Item no.: 410138-1008-311 (individual configuration)

    Platform Change AxioVision PA to ZEN core TCA w. Axiocam 705 pol (D) Upgrade Package from AxioVision...

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    Platform Change AxioVision PA to ZEN core TCA w. Axiocam 705 pol (D)
    Item Number: 410138-1008-311 (individual configuration)
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    • Platform Change AxioVision PA to ZEN core TCA w. Axiocam 705 pol (D)
      Platform Change AxioVision PA to ZEN core TCA w. Axiocam 705 pol (D)
      Item no.: 410138-1008-311
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    Platform Change AxioVision PA to ZEN core TCA w. Axiocam 705 pol (D) Upgrade Package from AxioVision Particle Analyzer to ZEN core Technical Cleanliness Analysis, a software module for evaluation of particulate contamination on prepared specimen. The following standards for component cleanliness, oil cleanliness and cleanliness of medical products are supported: VDA 19.1, ISO 16232, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, NAS 1638, SAE AS 4059, VDI 2083 (Sheet 1). The scope of delivery includes the Platform Change from AxioVision to ZEN core, the digital camera Axiocam 705 pol and as part of the ZEN core Technical Cleanliness Analysis software preconfigured automated workflows for technical cleanliness analysis and rating of single or multiple specimen for the user roles Supervisor and Operator. Provided job templates (I-II): (I) automated workflow for acquisition of multichannel images with different polarization directions in combination with Axiocam 705 pol mainly for the evaluation of component cleanliness and the rating of technical cleanliness of medical products. The use of latest camera sensor technology with on-chip polarization enables a workflow with one single specimen acquisition instead of double image acquisition of the complete specimen area with different contrast methods. This leads to a significant time saving. (II) automated workflow for acquisition of single channel images mainly for oil analysis. All job templates cover image acquisition, image analysis and image processing, result presentation in interactive views for fast inspection and revision of detected particles, reports with results of characteristic values and standard specific methods per tested specimen. Automated storage of generated results in the data archive. Inspection and export of archived data. Camera specification: High Performance microscopy camera incl. driver software 64 bit USB 3.0 PCIe x1 interface, USB 3.0 cable 3 m and protection glass (wideband coated) Sensor Type: SONY IMX250 MZ Exmor CMOS, SONY Pregius Global Shutter Monochrome with 2x2 pixel specific polarization filter mask (90°, 45°, 135°, 0°) Number of Pixels: 2464 (H) x 2056 (V) = 5.07 Mega pixel Pixel Size: 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm Chip Size: 8.5 mm x 7.1 mm, equivalent to 2/3'' (diagonal 11.1 mm) Spectral Range: With protection glass approx. 350 nm to 1000 nm Full Well Capacity: Approx. 11,000 e at gain 1x (typ.) Adjustable Signal Amplification: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x Selectable Resolution: H x V Binning Factor (1x1 to 5x5 digital) 2464 x 2056 1x1 Basic Resolution 1232 x 1028 2x2 816 x 684 3x3 608 x 514 4x4 480 x 410 5x5 (at 2x2 combined analog and digital binning for further increase of sensitivity) Effective Pixel Count per Polarization Channel: H x V Mega pixel 1232 x 1028 1.26 H x V Subsampling Factor 2464 x 2056 1x1 1232 x 1028 2x2 Live Frame Rates: (1 ms exposure, default setting) H x V Frame Rate (fps) 2464 x 2056 30 Frame Rates for Time Series Recording: (1 ms exposure, further depending on hardware and software configuration) H x V (ROI) Frame Rate (fps) 2464 x 2056 60 1920 x 1080 115 1232 x 1028 173 (2x2 subsampling, full field of view) 1024 x 1024 121 512 x 512 235 1920 x 256 436 Read Noise Full Well Capacity Dynamic Range (at gain) 2.20 e (1x) 11,000 e 1:5000 1.74 e (2x) 5,000 e 1:3100 1.48 e (4x) 2,700 e 1:1800 1.29 e (8x) 1,300 e 1:1300 1.15 e (16x) 690 e 1: 600 HDR Mode Dynamic Range 1:25,000 ÔÇâ Software Supported Camera Operation: Exposure time adjustment with continuous, automatic or manual mode Adjustable over or under-exposure mode Optional measurement on defined target area (spot-meter) Adjustable color saturation for pseudo color representation of polarization strength Readout of Sensor Sub Regions (''ROI''): Adjustable Digitization: 8, 12, 14 bit / pixel (8 out of 14 bit or compression mode) Dark Current: <(><<)> 0.5 e/p/s @ 18 °C sensor temperature Cooling: Stabilized temperature to 18 °C (for ambient temperatures from 18 °C to 30 °C) Exposure Time Range: 0.1 ms to 60 s Hardware Trigger: Trigger-In for exposure time control Trigger-Out for exposure time Readout time and trigger ready status (further accessories required) Status-LED for Camera: Color coded operation status, dimmable Camera Interface: USB 3.0 (Optional operation with USB 2.0 at reduced frame rate) Optical Interface: