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    ZEN core Package with Axiocam 512 color (D)

    Item no.: 410135-1025-270 (individual configuration)

    ZEN core Package with Axiocam 512 color (D) consisting of the camera Axiocam 512 color and the ZEN c...

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    ZEN core Package with Axiocam 512 color (D)
    Item Number: 410135-1025-270 (individual configuration)
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    • ZEN core Package with Axiocam 512 color (D)
      ZEN core Package with Axiocam 512 color (D)
      Item no.: 410135-1025-270
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    ZEN core Package with Axiocam 512 color (D) consisting of the camera Axiocam 512 color and the ZEN core basic software plus the ZEN Module Image Analysis Camera specification: High Performance microscopy camera incl. Driver software 64bit, USB 3.0 PCIe x1 interface, dual USB 3.0/USB 2.0 cable 3 m and IR barrier filter Hoya C5000 (coated) Number of Pixels: 4250 (H) x 2838 (V) = 12 Mega Pixels Pixel size: 3.1 µm x 3.1 µm Chip size: 13.2 mm x 8.8 mm, equivalent to 1'' (16 mm diagonal) Spectral range: With IR barrier filter app. 400 nm to 720 nm Max. Full Well Capacity per pixel: Approx. 9.000 e Selectable Resolution: H x V Binning Factor 4248 x 2832 1x1 Basic-Resolution 2120 x 1416 2x2 Monochrome 1416 x 944 3x3 Color/Monochrome 1056 x 708 4x4 Monochrome 848 x 564 5x5 Color/Monochrome Selectable color interpolation quality levels: ''High Speed Color'' for fastest processing speed or ''High Quality Color'' for best interpolation results High Quality Black and White conversion mode. Live frame rates (depending on hardware and software configuration): Exp. Time 10ms, color enhancement off, 39 Mhz pixel clock, Quadport Readout H x V Binning Factor Frame Rate, 4248 x 2832 1 10 1416 x 944 3 26 848 x 564 5 35 Frame rates for time series recording Continuous Mode with 39 Mhz pixel clock and QuadPort Readout (depending on computer hardware and software configuration) H x V Binning Factor Frame Rate 4248 x 2832 1 10 2120 x 1416 2 19 1416 x 944 3 26 1056 x 708 4 31 848 x 564 5 35 ROI H x V 1936 x 1080 22 1936 x 512 36 Timelapse recording with ''Burst Mode''-function Readout of Sensor Sub-Regions (''ROI''): Adjustable Digitization: 14 Bit / 39 MHz or 13 MHz pixel clock Dynamic Range: Typical >1380: 1 (>62 dB) at typ. < 6.5 e readout noise Dark current: ca. 0.1 e/p/s Integration Time: 0.25 ms to 60 s Cooling: One stage Peltier cooling, regulated to 23°C sensor temperature, Additional digital dark current compensation, Calibrated color space optimization, Eight pre-loadable sets of imaging parameters for speed optimized multi modal image acquisition, acquisition Time Stamp with image data, Status-LED for Camera: color coded operation status, dimmable, Status-LED for Trigger: color coded trigger status, dimmable, I/O Control signals: galvanic isolated I/O signals for exposure time, readout time, trigger ready, (i.e. for controlling external mechanical shutters), one trigger input for exposure control, 5V auxiliary voltage, GND) Interface: USB 3.0, 240 Mbytes/s, 3 m double-USB cable with USB 3.0/USB 2.0, Optional operation with USB 2.0 connection at reduced frame rate, Optional operation without cooling for use at short exposure times with reduced power consumption, Optical Interface: C-Mount, Teflon coated thread Thread depth for objectives: max. 5 mm Max. file size per image: app. 72 MB at 4248 x 2832 pixels at 3 x 14 bit/pixel Size / Weight: app. 10.8 cm x 7.8 cm x 4.3 cm (2.3''x3.2''x1.7'') / 500 g Housing: blue anodized aluminum, with cooling fins, 1/4'' photo thread for tripod mount Registration: CE, Power Supply: power supply provided by USB 3.0 bus for camera electronics and USB 2.0 for Peltier-cooling, Power consumption: 7W (5V, 1.4A) Environmental conditions: +5°...+35° Celsius, max 80% relative air humidity, not condensing, free air circulation required Operating Systems: Windows 10 Enterprise embedded x64 and older Windows x64 systems