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    ZEN core v3.0

    Item no.: 410135-1011-300 (individual configuration)

    ZEN core v3.0 Image acquisition and processing for light microscopy using Windows 10 (64bit). - User...

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    ZEN core v3.0
    Item Number: 410135-1011-300 (individual configuration)
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    • ZEN core v3.0
      ZEN core v3.0
      Item no.: 410135-1011-300
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    ZEN core v3.0 Image acquisition and processing for light microscopy using Windows 10 (64bit). - User interface offers stepless scaling and zooming for optimal adjustment to the screen size. - Full integration of the ZEISS microscopes that can be configured in MicroToolbox 2011, Axiocam cameras and additional components. Interactive and automatic control of the individual motorized microscope components. Transfer of information from encoded components into the software. - Image acquisition with b/w, rgb, high-resolution and high-sensitivity cameras, b/w images with up to 16 bits, color images with up to 3 x 16 bits. - Adjustment of the display parameters without changing the pixel values - Fully automatic assignment of geometric scaling's when acquiring an image (depending on the microscope configuration) - Recording and saving of acquisition history as meta data in CZI image format - Automatic saving of acquired images in CZI or other image formats (including meta data) - Full integration into the Windows multi-user functionality - Application specific user management - Configuration options for the graphical user interface: Generation of workbenches, creation of Job templates, execution of Job templates bars and definition of properties of standard graphic elements - Save into BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WDP, WMP image formats - Navigator window - Management, visualization and printing of meta data and images - µ bar scalings - Text annotation - Image processing: standard operations for image optimization (contrast, brightness, gamma, colors, smoothing, sharpening, geometric corrections...) - Table processing - Creation and modification of Microsoft Word report templates using Word add-in - Input Form Designer with automated customer data import - Video recorder functionality - Data zone functionality, also burned in saved images - Data Archive for saving and managing images and documents - Interface to ImageJ software - HDR - Acquisition of High Dynamic Range Images - ZEN Module Panorama: For acquisition of stitched images on un-coded/ un-motorized stages - ZEN Module Measurement: Interactive/dimensional measurement: length, Area, contour-based measurement data (area, box, perimeter, gray values), angle, weld seams ''(A-Measure)'', MultiInterdistance - ZEN Module Manual Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) capability - Loops in Job Templates to enable various number of evaluations as well as performing of Batch Mode - 2D Overlay CAD (Computer Aided Design) Files with ZEN Images - F2 Hotkey for 2D Image Acquisition e.g. via Footswitch - Image acquisition on electron microscopes - Predefining and renaming of Images and documents - Multi-Image-view Contains ZEN Connect basic functionality