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    ZEN starter v2.7 (for modules)

    Item no.: 410135-1010-270 (individual configuration)

    ZEN starter v2.7 (for modules) ZEN starter with basic functionality and user interface of ZEN core. ...

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    ZEN starter v2.7 (for modules)
    Item Number: 410135-1010-270 (individual configuration)
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    • ZEN starter v2.7 (for modules)
      ZEN starter v2.7 (for modules)
      Item no.: 410135-1010-270
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    ZEN starter v2.7 (for modules) ZEN starter with basic functionality and user interface of ZEN core. Drivers for Axiocam cameras and image acquisition (SNAPs) using Windows 7 (64bit) and Windows 10 (64bit). No microscope control. Exclusively for order with the first ZEN starter module for licensing. Functional scope of ZEN starter: - User interface offers stepless scaling and zooming for optimal adjustment to the screen size - Interactive measurement: length, contour-based measurement data (area, box, perimeter, gray values), angle - Management, visualization and printing of meta data and images - Fixed configuration, as well as adjustable configuration of workbenches - Export into ZVI, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, HDP image formats. - µ bar scalings - Text annotation - Post processing of images: standard operations for image optimization (contrast, brightness, gamma, colors, smoothing, sharpening, geometric corrections) - Functions for working with data tables: filtering and sorting of tables - Panorama for acquisition of Tiles Images with manual stage - Manual Extended Focus (EDF) capability - Creation of Microsoft Word reports - Creation of report templates using Word add-in - Data Archive for saving images and documents - Image Analysis module optional - ZEN connect module optional - APEER connector for ZEN core connection with APEER platform Differences compared with ZEN core: - No microscope control - Limited image processing functions - Limited measurement functions - No Job functionality - Modules for full versions of ZEN are not compatible with ZEN starter - HDR - Acquisition of High Dynamic Range Images - Online Panorama for creation of stitched images on un-coded/ un- motorized stages - Video recorder functionality - Data zone functionality, also as part of exported images - Movie export functionalitiy