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ZEN Toolkit AI
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ZEN Toolkit AI

Item no.: 410136-0169-360 (individual configuration)

ZEN Toolkit AI Make use of powerful AI tools in ZEN. This package allows you to train, import and ex...

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ZEN Toolkit AI
Item Number: 410136-0169-360 (individual configuration)
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ZEN Toolkit AI Make use of powerful AI tools in ZEN. This package allows you to train, import and execute machine- and deep- learning models in ZEN and ZEN core for various purposes: - Use machine- and Deep-Learning for challenging segmentation tasks within an image analysis workflow (e.g., ZEN Toolkit 2D, ZEN Toolkit Bio Apps, or ZEN Toolkit Material Apps). - Effectively classify objects in analyzed images using machine-learning (requires image data analyzed with the ZEN Toolkit 2D) - Denoise your images with deep-learning based denoising using Noise2Void (no need for labels) Train the machine learning model in a dedicated tool for each workflow. The training interfaces are optimized for ease of use and simplicity, making powerful machine learning available to non-expert users, and providing a seamless integration into other ZEN and ZEN core models, e.g. 2D Toolkit, Bio Apps Toolkit, Smart acquisition Toolkit, Technical Cleanliness Analysis, Materials Apps Toolkit). Alternatively, you can purchase the labeling and training of Deep Neural networks as part of a special custom solution (SCS). The complete ZEN platform is "AI ready", i.e., trained models can be executed in all image analysis tools in ZEN and ZEN core. The package supports any image data format that can be imported into ZEN and ZEN core incl. data imported via the 3rd party import from other vendors and can process multidimensional datasets including z-stacks, time-series, multi-channel and tile images. Requirements: - The use of AI semantic segmentation requires an installation of Zeiss Python. Recommended hardware configuration is 8GB GPU and 64GB RAM. Only Nvidia GPUs and the CPU are supported.