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Filter Set 47 HE (489047-9901-000) PriceBasket
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Beam Splitter
16 possible dyes found:
Please note that the given values are typical only and not guaranteed.
16 possible dyes found:
Sample Fluorescent Dyes Excitation Emission
Acridine Orange 431 nm520 nm
Auramine O 431 nm501 nm
BOBO-1-DNA 461 nm484 nm
CFP (Cyan Fluorescent Protein) 434 nm474 nm
eCFP (Enhanced Cyan Fluorescent Protein) 437 nm476 nm
evoglow-Bs1 448 nm496 nm
evoglow-Bs2 448 nm496 nm
evoglow-Pp1 448 nm495 nm
LysoSensor Green 447 nm504 nm
LysoSensor Green pH 5.0 447 nm502 nm
PO-PRO-1 434 nm457 nm
PO-PRO-1-DNA 435 nm457 nm
POPO-1 433 nm457 nm
POPO-1-DNA 433 nm458 nm
SYTO 45-DNA 451 nm486 nm
SYTOX Blue-DNA 445 nm470 nm