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Objective Assistant

Brochure: Objectives from Carl Zeiss (5 MB)

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Tip: if you enter the full ordernumber of an objective using the example format 440649-0000-000 or 000000-1113-106, you can obtain information about some discontinued objectives.


Description of Classes of Objectives

Objective Selection by Contrast Method/Application:
Phase Contrast PlasDIC Contrast DIC Contrast Fluorescence
Phase Contrast PlasDIC Contrast Differential Interference Contrast Fluorescence
DarkField Polarization Contrast C-DIC Contrast TIC Contrast
DarkField Polarization Contrast DIC with circular polarized light Total Interference Contrast
TIRF ApoTome Microdissection Confocal Microscopy
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence ApoTome Microdissection Confocal Microscopy