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Objective data

Brochure: Objectives from Carl Zeiss (5 MB)
Objective Class: A-Plan
Objectives for routine and research
Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1
[no longer available]
Price on request
Magnification 10x
Numerical Aperture 0.25
Free Working Distance [mm] 4.5
Coverglass Thickness [mm] 0.17
Thread Type W0.8x1/36"
Immersion Without Immersion
Field of View [mm] 23
Parfocal Length [mm] 45.06
Long Distance (LD)
Correction Ring (Corr)
Iris (Iris)
Optical System Infinity Color Corrected System (ICS)
Color Correction
Biomedical Applications
- Multichannel
- Ultraviolet Transmission
- Infra Red Transmission
BrightField (B)
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
High Contrast DIC (HC DIC)
PlasDIC Contrast
Phase Contrast (PH) Ph 1
VAREL Contrast
Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC)
Polarization Contrast (POL)
Materials (Reflected Light) Applications
BrightField (B)
BrightField/DarkField (BD)
Reflected Light DIC (RL DIC)
High Contrast DIC (HC DIC)
DIC with circular polarized light (C-DIC)
Total Interference Contrast (TIC)
Polarization Contrast (POL)
Definite Focus.2
Confocal Microscopy
- Ultra Violet
- VIS (visible light)
NLO-IR / 2 Photon
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)
Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1

Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 (WD=4.5mm)
Mechanical Dimensions
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All measures in [mm]

mech. Arbeitsabstand = mechanical working distance
Deckglas = cover glass
Objektebene = object plane
Objektfeld = object field
Ausleuchtung = illumination
Probenzugänglichkeit = specimen accessibility

Transmittance curve

No transmittance data available.

 Fitting Accessories for
 441031-9910-000 Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1
 Other Accessories
Adapter M 27x0.75 / W 0.8 H "0", Item Number: 000000-1095-168
Adapter M 27x0.75 / W 0.8 H "0"
Item Number: 000000-1095-168
Adapter M 27x0.75 / W 0.8 H "0"


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