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ZEISS ZEN Intellesis machine learning - Download 30-Day free trial

Powerful segmentation
Easy to use

Load > Define > Label > Train & Check > Segment Full Datasets
Enabling you to perform advanced analysis of imaging samples across multiple microscopy methods. ZEISS ZEN Intellesis makes integrated, easy to use, powerful segmentation for 2D and 3D datasets available to routine microscopy users for the full range of ZEISS optical, confocal, X-ray, electron and ion microscopes. ZEISS ZEN Intellesis can be used with any image format readable by the ZEISS ZEN software platform including CZI, TXM, OME/TIFF, JPG, PNG. ZEISS ZEN Intellesis is data-agnostic. Use in conjunction with other software platforms from ZEISS, including ZEISS Atlas 5 for correlative microscopy, as well as any other 3D analytical tools, such as ORS Dragonfly or GeoDict.

30 days license ZEISS ZEN Intellesis - 2 steps to activate (login required)

Download the complete ZEISS ZEN Intellesis Setup package FREE OF CHARGE here (self-extracting EXE file, 1.9 GB)
Generate your personal ZEISS ZEN Intellesis license key, which will remain valid for 30 days following activation, here

ZEISS ZEN Intellesis operates in the ZEN 2.3 SP1 blue edition or ZEN lite environment. If you do not currently use one of these, you may
download the ZEN lite software here (login required)

To purchase the unlimited license please use the order function at the bottom of the page.
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ZEN Module Intellesis Hardware License Key, Item Number: 410136-1089-230


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ZEN Module Intellesis Hardware License Key

Item Number: 410136-1089-230
ZEN Module Intellesis Hardware License Key Simple and user-friendly tool for interactive classification, segmentation and analysis of images. The classification is u ...

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