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Filter Set 64 HE (489064-0000-000) PriceBasket
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Beam Splitter
32 possible dyes found:
Please note that the given values are typical only and not guaranteed.
32 possible dyes found:
Sample Fluorescent Dyes Excitation Emission
5-ROX (5-Carboxy-X-rhodamine, triethylammonium salt) 578 nm604 nm
5-ROX pH 7.0 578 nm604 nm
Alexa 568 576 nm603 nm
Alexa 594 590 nm619 nm
Alexa Fluor 568 antibody conjugate pH 7.2 579 nm603 nm
Alexa Fluor 647 R-phycoerythrin streptavidin pH 7.2 569 nm666 nm
BO-PRO-3-DNA 574 nm604 nm
BOBO-3-DNA 570 nm605 nm
BODIPY TR-X phallacidin pH 7.0 590 nm621 nm
BODIPY TR-X, MeOH 588 nm621 nm
BODIPY TR-X, SE 588 nm621 nm
BOPRO-3 574 nm604 nm
Calcium Crimson 589 nm608 nm
Calcium Crimson Ca2+ 590 nm608 nm
Carboxynaphthofluorescein pH 10.0 600 nm674 nm
Cy 3.5 578 nm591 nm
DDAO pH 9.0 648 nm657 nm
DyLight 594 592 nm616 nm
HcRed 590 nm614 nm
mCherry 587 nm610 nm
MitoTracker Red 578 nm599 nm
MitoTracker Red, MeOH 578 nm599 nm
mPlum 587 nm649 nm
mRFP 585 nm608 nm
mStrawberry 575 nm596 nm
mTangerine 568 nm585 nm
Nile Red 559 nm637 nm
Nile Red-lipid 553 nm636 nm
ReAsH 597 nm608 nm
Texas Red-X antibody conjugate pH 7.2 596 nm613 nm
X-Rhod-1 Ca2+ 580 nm602 nm
YOYO-3-DNA 612 nm631 nm