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Filter Set 50 (488050-9901-000) PriceBasket
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Beam Splitter
14 possible dyes found:
Please note that the given values are typical only and not guaranteed.
14 possible dyes found:
Sample Fluorescent Dyes Excitation Emission
Alexa 647 653 nm669 nm
Alexa 660 664 nm691 nm
Alexa Fluor 647 antibody conjugate pH 7.2 653 nm668 nm
Alexa Fluor 660 antibody conjugate pH 7.2 663 nm691 nm
Allophycocyanin pH 7.5 651 nm660 nm
APC (allophycocyanin) 650 nm660 nm
Atto 647 644 nm670 nm
BODIPY 650/665-X, MeOH 646 nm664 nm
Cy 5 646 nm664 nm
DDAO pH 9.0 648 nm657 nm
DyLight 649 652 nm668 nm
Nile Blue, EtOH 631 nm660 nm
TO-PRO-3-DNA 642 nm657 nm
TOTO-3-DNA 642 nm661 nm